Trends: Blue, Blue, Blue in everything!

Hello my Beautiful People!

Trends: Blue, Blue, Blue in everything!

Blue in all its presentations and shades.

But this time comes with something different: and is all in the details.

Trends: Blue, Blue, Blue in everything!

Each season has its own personality and make everything so different from the previous one. 
Now in Europe, I am seeing new mixes of textures and pieces with elegant finishes 
and taken care of to the maximum. 
Also being from the Caribbean, I like to keep that 'Caribbean Touch '
in everything I wear and everything I show on the blog.


If someone don't have an off the shoulder top in the closet is not only behind last year scene
 but is resisting a trend that for me is already a basic. You have to buy one for this season!

I have not only tops but also dresses, rompers and jumpsuits. This time the blues range 
comes from baby blue to navy blue. The fabrics make the difference: very delicate stripes, notice the detail of the flared sleeves - of which I am deeply in love and the tie in the neck.

Everything is in the details

All the tops are JustFashionNow


I still have not caught something embroidered but I know I've seen it in all the stores 
and when it's on denim it looks just fabulous.

This embroidered detail is so delicate and feminine that it can make a masculine cut shirt stand out.


Tulle dresses on top of jeans. 
 In the previous post of Santa Monica I show this trend and you all loved it.
Also layering striped dress on top of white T-shirts. 

Put some Boyfriends Jeans underneath!


Find pieces that you love and despite the season and trends always maintain your personal style 
and make it your own!

Your personal style is the most important thing.

And to me that I love shiny things,
 this 'Old but new' feeling
I just LOVE it!

Loving this red one piece swimsuit soooo much!

These pieces are a must have in our closet!

For more inspiration on this pieces visit Stylewe

Also get inspired and learn how to contour your face
with their amazing blog tips!

Get inspired!
And do not be afraid!

Fashion is to have fun with it!

♥  Be Extraordinary HAPPY  

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